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Hospital ultraviolet disinfection methods and precautions.
Date:2014/6/25 16:16:25
    Today, the widespread use of ultraviolet light irradiation hospitals to achieve sterilization purposes, but due to the impact of UV germicidal lamp manufacturing, use and service life, and many other factors, especially the size of the lamp radiation intensity directly affect the bactericidal effect; To ensure that the UV lamp play the best bactericidal effect of UV irradiation using ultraviolet radiation intensity meter and disinfection routine monitoring is an effective way.

1, UV lamp selection method
    UV germicidal lamp has increased from a low ozone ozone-based development model, UV lamp is made of quartz glass vacuum ultraviolet light lamp quality is good or bad decision (with or without bubbles, gas lines) on the vacuum and the lamp light line technology level of UV light is visible through weak, direct bactericidal ultraviolet band is c, the center wavelength of 254 nm, the intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal irradiation effect deciding time. However, when UV intensity is below 40um/cm2, then again how are unable to achieve the growth time of irradiation sterilization effect. Do not think the lights on it as well as the sterilization effect.
    Common indoor air disinfection hospital 40W and 30W straight tube hot cathode low-pressure mercury lamp, often used in the disinfection of small cabinets and clean benches 20W and 15W low ozone straight tube ultraviolet light disinfection, frequent use of H-type in a special high-intensity ultraviolet sterilizer germicidal ultraviolet germicidal lamps and other special lighting. It is necessary to use UV-365A UV radiation meter to do regular testing.

2, the light intensity of a standard UV lamp
    Timing detection using ultraviolet irradiance radiation intensity UV disinfection is very convenient and accurate method further.
    According to national standards, issued by the Ministry of Health, "disinfection technical specifications," the third edition of Volume II (monitoring the effect of UV disinfection) expressly states: New factory 30W UV lamp in the center of the bottom of the vertical radiation intensity measured at 1m should be ≥ 90uw/cm2 before use; acceptance testing when the hospital to buy a new lamp, the lamp will not meet the standards of repaying; using the lamps make regular checks, generally on a quarterly basis to detect the use of lamps 1, the radiation intensity below 70um/cm2 UV lamp replaced.
    Ultraviolet light disinfection of hospitals included in the main specifications and radiation intensity lamps table below national standards in management practices. Standard values in the table are in the condition without reflectors measured values, because in addition polished metal reflector surface conditions, the radiation intensity UV lamps can increase exponentially, but only as additional reflectors enhance the sterilization effect means, not as a means to improve the lighting standards.
3, how to measure ultraviolet lamp irradiance values
    After opening the ultraviolet light 5min (min), the measurement wavelength 254nm ultraviolet radiation meter probe was placed perpendicular to the ultraviolet light from the subject at the center of 1m, to be stable instrumentation, the data shown is the UV radiation lamps illuminance values.
    The determination of the following should be noted: When the measured voltage 220V, temperature 20 ℃ -25 ℃. Relative humidity less than 60%, the use of the ultraviolet radiation meter must then test the validity of the measurement department.

4, some considerations disinfection process
   (1) In use, the surface should be kept clean ultraviolet light, usually wipe with alcohol swab once every two weeks and found the lamp surface dust, while oil, should be ready to wipe.
   (2) when the indoor air disinfection, UV light should be kept clean and dry in the room, reducing dust and mist, the temperature is below 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃, relative humidity greater than 60% should be appropriate to extend the exposure time.
   (3) When the surface with ultraviolet disinfection items, should make direct exposure to ultraviolet irradiation surface, and should reach a sufficient dose.
   (4) shall be held in the ultraviolet light source to the people, so as not to cause damage.
   (5) UV intensity meter calibrated at least once a year.
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