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What brand of good Sunglasses?
Date:2014/7/6 13:18:27

Sunglasses what brand is good?

The world's ten largest Sunglasses ranking

Ray-Ban (ROC) Ray-Ban (special 1930 America, air force pilots);

Prosun Prosun (ten big sunglasses brand, 1991 Taiwan Maoli group brand);

Cary Cary kalikali (ten big sunglasses brand, Italy famous brand, pure hand mirror!)

Eagle Sunglasses (ten big sunglasses brand, American brand, world brand);

Tyrannosaurus Rex Sunglasses (ten big sunglasses brand, famous brand sunglasses);

PARIM PARIM (ten big sunglasses brand, in 1992 to enter the mainland Taiwan brand);

GUCCI Gucci Europe. Gu Zi (ten big sunglasses brand, began in 1923 in Italy Florence);

Dior Dior (ten big sunglasses brand, Christian Dior in 1946, France);

PORTS ports (ten big sunglasses brand, the world famous brand);

European poetry. Dan AUGSDA (ten big sunglasses brand, from the UK, international brand).

Sunglasses what brand is good? Fancy sunglasses let you are active in the sun, so free. In fact, the sun glasses towithstand the sunshine, can stop the pollution damage, so be careful care, lest the face is not hanged.

What brand of good sunglasses sunglasses? Maintenance methods like maintenance glasses, cleaning, folded,stored to form the habit of. But the sun glasses are often used to wear, will accidentally scratched, so there are some small details to remind you: the sun glasses tainted adhesion, but do not use fingernails to pull, it would be easy toscratch the surface of the wound.

Sun glasses do not wear, many people will easily hung on the head, neck or pocket, when the body movements can not be too large, so as not to break or damaged. Or someone will be put into the bag, glasses box suggest that youfirst put into hard, and then into the bag, so as not to be key, comb, copper and other small things wear lenses, orcontamination to the lipstick and other cosmetics.

Sunglasses what brand is good? Motorists wearing sun glasses, do not wear often conveniently placed on the dashboard or seats, this is a very bad habit, the hot weather will bring Sunglasses baking is not true, especially in the plastic frame is even more so, it is best off the car, or in the glasses placing box.

Whether you will sun glasses in where, be sure to remember the mirror to move on.

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