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How to choose domestic UV energy meter?
Date:2014/9/4 15:28:22
The UV-INT150 UV energy meter produced by Bikosu is indeed okay. Before, I was holding the attitude of trying new products. I didn't expect it to disappoint us. The engineers are very satisfied. The price is fair, the quality is assured, and the service is very good. My friend introduced me to the Bikosu company. My friend’s company has always used their UV energy meters, which are accurate and durable. I also bought two of them with the attitude of reporting a trial. They feel good and plan to cooperate for a long time.

My friend’s company bought a new UV curing oven, and I was looking for a UV energy meter. There were too many searches on the Internet, but I couldn’t find it. I happened to see that Bikosu also had a UV energy meter, so I told her , I bought it and the boss praised her for finding a good thing. Quack, so happy! I found it on the Internet. I think its UV150 energy meter is a bit different from other parents. The main reason is that the large LCD is satisfactory. I bought it and tried it. It is really good and worth recommending.

UV150 is a UV energy meter manufacturer that claims to be comparable to EIT. I didn't believe it at all. After receiving the instrument, engineers repeatedly tested it and couldn't help but lament the manufacturer's rigorousness. Although the data is different from EIT, this is not a problem with the UV150 UV energy meter. The first person to eat crabs will always have surprises. The most important thing about UV150 is its high temperature resistance (because the temperature in the curing oven is 100 degrees) ), really surprised and practical! !

The energy tester of Bikosu Company is really good. Almost all of my friends are using it. I introduced a curing friend and bought an energy meter UV150, which is not bad. I have been using Bikosoo UV-INT150 energy meter, and I have bought several sets. It is easy to use, stable data and inexpensive, and very practical. The UV energy meter of Bikosu company is really good, the quality is very good, and it can display. There are many situations that we can't observe, and the service is good. Our company has entered a batch. The UV energy meter UV150 is more practical than the US EIT. The storage function is strong. There are graphs and text reports to print, and it is connected to a computer. , Our company needs more convenient filing, support. . .

The quality of UV energy meter from Bikosu Company is really good. After using it, we know that the previous ones are not too accurate and the service is really good. Let’s praise one. The company advanced a UV150UV energy meter in the year. The measurement is accurate and convenient to use, which improves the company's efficiency. It is especially praised! The domestic UV energy meter has two curves of temperature and intensity, and the operation interface is also simple, which is really good. The data is comparable to the oxtail energy meter, and the price is super cheap!
Bikosu's UV energy meter, large screen display, dynamic curve function, easy to operate.
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