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Why UV energy meter test out the data is not the same?
Date:2015/6/16 16:23:05
Two UV energy companies use many different measurement data, it is recommended to use the same company as the same manufacturers of the same type of instrument, easy to value unity, facilitate the company's internal records and compared. With the same company to measure different types of light meter, the measurement results may also be quite different.

Sometimes our industrial UV light source UV light irradiance is not very stable and uneven, the measurement best to test several times. UV lamps generally require a period of time after opening, luminescence was stabilized.

For many instrument used to measure the curing energy, a lot of cases just concerned about a reading, for example, based on experience, as measured with an instrument 800mJ / cm2 energies, well-cured, maybe this instrument and GB big difference, but you just know This instrument measured 800mJ / cm2 and that is normal, but this time to pay attention to the rate of change of the instrument, or according to the data given by the instrument calibration certificate plus a correction factor, to re-record a reading as amended.

Most importantly, not all UV energy meter can be in accordance with existing national standards calibrated, so when the instrument is detected measurement error is large, confirm whether the instrument's measurement band and consistent national standards, such as inconsistent, either returned to the factory inspection or calibration certificate in accordance with amendments, reference to use.

Due to the special nature of the production of UV radiation meter detector material, the annual rate of change is quite large (especially domestic UV energy meter, foreign equipment to do relatively well), plus frequent use, it is prone to drift magnitude, As for the magnitude of doubt it is best to timely submission.

Note that the service life of the UV radiation meter, especially close to the life or extended use of UV radiation meter, reference should be used.

There are some special radiation meter, measuring large range (such as W or J-level), special bands (eg UVV bands visible radiation), no verification procedures, can send the original, national metrology institutes and other units for calibration .

Finally, a brief talk about the C-band instruments, these instruments are mainly used in the medical field, because short wave ultraviolet disinfection effect, a relatively small range of measurement, such devices are mostly made in China, and a high degree of consistent national standard.
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