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What are the influencing factors of the life of UV energy meter?
Date:2020/12/15 16:26:53
(1) Design life of UV energy meter. The following factors have a greater impact on the life of the UV energy meter. A. Pipe wall load. The life of the load headlamp is low, the same working current, the lamp diameter is small, the life is low. B. Working voltage. The lamp tube voltage is high and the service life is low. C. Power density. High power density and low lamp life.

(2) UV energy meter material. The quality of the quartz glass on the tube wall has a great influence on the life of the lamp. Good quartz glass has high purity, no bubbles inside and smooth surface. Because the temperature of the tube wall is generally above 600℃, if the purity is not enough, there will be impurities on the glass surface, which will produce many tiny pits, which will affect the ultraviolet radiation out of the tube wall. The domestic quartz tube can be seen directly with the eyes that there are bubbles in the tube wall, which will affect the ultraviolet radiation out of the tube wall, and the bubbles will form a high-pressure air mass and explode at high temperatures, causing the tube wall to burst. The electrode material is generally a layer of barium zirconate or other cathode emitting materials burned on the surface of the tungsten wire. The aging resistance and temperature resistance of the tungsten wire and cathode material directly affect the electrode life.

(3) Manufacturing process of UV energy meter. This factor is the most important factor restricting the quality of domestic UV lamps. The main processes that affect the service life of the lamp tube are: cleaning the inner wall of the lamp tube, vacuuming, the purity and injection volume of mercury, the amount of argon gas charging and discharging, electrode lead welding, and cathode material sintering. The entire process should be carried out in a high-level clean place; the cathode material sintering, welding and sealing, etc. should be completed under vacuum conditions. However, the current domestic UV lamp manufacturers do not have these conditions, which greatly affects the life of the lamp.

(4) How to use UV energy meter. Incorrect use will greatly reduce the lamp life. Pay attention to the following points in use:
1. The transformer parameters must match the lamp parameters, and the voltage and current must not exceed the design specifications. Especially the starting voltage should not be too high, generally not more than 40% of the design working voltage.
2. Keep the pipe wall clean, especially to remove oil stains and dust. Because these substances will penetrate into the lamp tube at the high temperature surface of the tube wall, blocking the ultraviolet radiation.
3. The ventilation is scientific and reasonable. The amount of ventilation must be scientifically calculated. The purpose is to suck the heat generated by the UV lamp out of the lamp tube, so that the lamp can work in a normal temperature environment, not the lower the temperature, the better. Ventilation keeps the lamp cap temperature below 150°C. In addition, use a reasonable air volume to keep the temperature of the circuit, sensor and box shell in the light box below 90°C.

Normal use of the UV energy meter can generally be used for at least ten years at room temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the life of the UV energy meter, and the battery may explode. For specific aspects, you can consult our company’s engineers for the use of related professional UV energy meters. knowledge.
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