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Quality and service is the core competitiveness
Date:2013/3/15 9:24:14



The UV lamp Reporter with Biko speed, general manager of Mr. Dong Xiongwei talk

Reporter: Dong Manager Hello, Thank you for accepting the interview of the UV lamp network. Company's flagship product, what does?
Dong Manager: than Division Speed Technology Co., Ltd. mainly UV detection products mainly like: UV energy meter, light transmittance instrument, UV intensity meter, gloss meter, moisture meter, Nitto duplexer. Than the Branch-speed technology since its inception in 2007, focused to provide customers with the most high quality and reliable, best-in-class high-tech products, while contract instrument maintenance, calibration, and business.
Reporter: your company's core competencies which you can talk about it?
Dong Manager: quality assurance, attentive service, to become the core competitiveness of our company is based on the UV industry. Biko speed the establishment of professional technical and after-sales service department, the sales are received professional and technical training, with deep product knowledge and rich experience in the field, whether it is a pre-consultation process design, site installation and commissioning or maintenance and after-sales service, we are able to provide you with high quality products and excellent technical services.
Reporter: our main customer groups, what does?
Dongjing Li: UV applications there are a lot of aspects, for Biko speed testing instruments, we focused on the mobile phone industry, the UV detection electronics spare parts industry as well as the printing industry. We also for customer demand for personalized custom service. To do everything possible to meet customer demand.
Reporter: For our product marketing, Dong Manager have any good experience to share with you?
Dongjing Li: the quality of the product is the marketing protection, and ensure the quality of the product, we will boldly let customers use. Speed than Division marketing (Reporter: We noticed Dongjing Li spent a lot of energy on the Baidu promotion) Marketing by honest home alone in the high-tech era, has failed to keep pace with the times, so the network is to promote We are very optimistic. This is our main marketing methods.
Reporter: For the the UV industry's development, Dong Manager you have any views?
Dongjing Li: "Eighteen" After the end, we should corresponding to the call of the country's the UV industry as emerging high-tech industry is a natural focus of state support. To improve their level of science and technology development at the same time, we should also be connected with the world, to bring our level of productivity to a new level.
Reporter: Thank Dong Manager speed than the Division of successful experience as well as the development of roads, and later we will continue to explore the specific principles uv detection equipment as well as how fast how to get customers to understand our products to share with us.

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