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UV equipment related knowledge
Date:2013/6/7 12:48:42
UV equipment in the field of radiation curing UV technology used in the device, the core components that UV light (UV lamp).
     With the rapid development of technology, screen printing, printed materials and customers for high quality, high efficiency, high quality artistic pursuit, past print speed, print quality, printing effect has far unable to meet customer demand for higher; professional printing technical level, the best quality UV inks, matched with efficient, automated postpress drying equipment, has become the printing industry and its future is now the most basic, the most important factor in winning.
     Now the process of printing technology, professional skills, UV inks selection and use, in the major professional publications has been uncommon, and postpress processing but was ignored by many customers and manufacturers, to achieve the best artistic effect, so that printed products to stand out in a number of commodities, different, drying equipment after printing solid link light should not be ignored.
     Production can be selected according to the characteristics of UV ink curing mechanism of the specific circumstances, to choose to match drying equipment, the printing process is the most critical.

1, a variety of UV coatings, IMD injection products curing ink; paint test, plastic buttons, metal signs, PE plastic shell UV oil, UV curing glue dry.
2, various crafts surface coating drying, UV adhesive bonding.
3, PCB manufacturing industry, automotive industry, exposure materials applications
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