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OPAS UV-MOUSE UV-integrator

Product Numbers: 201332151435

Price: US $2200

Product description:UV Mouse ultraviolet illumination energy meter, Originating in the United States high-quality multi-functional UV-integrator。


The U.S. UV MOUSE UV illuminometer
UV Mouse ultraviolet illumination energy meter, with a variety of functions. Can simultaneously measure the ultraviolet light source illumination (W/cm2) and during the measurement of the total cumulative energy (Joules). The its products checksum found traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standard) specification. UV Mouse measurement data is displayed in the LCD window, and can be easily read. Light weight, only 336 grams, easy to carry and measurement. In addition, UV Mouse to display the strength of the individual lamp lamps conveyor belt UV system, and do comparison with a reference value in order to understand the lamp attenuation. UV Mouse or :UVV, UVB+A+V。 
UV illumination is the maximum amount of measured values of UV-A: 0-20W/cm2
Largest cumulative energy measurement of the value of 0 - 1000 Joules/cm2
Wavelength measurement range of UV-A: 315 - 390 nm.
Checksum error of ± 5% Typical, 10% Max.
Operating temperature range of 0 - 75 ℃
Maximum use temperature of 80 ° C
Panel shows the cumulative energy / individual lamp maximum illumination / decay rate
Body size 160 X 110 X 13mm
Body weight 336g
Power source rechargeable

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