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EIT MC-2A/MC-10A UV_sensor

Product Numbers: 20133215165

Price: US $0

Product description:Applies: the process space of a variety of small, highly automated operation plant applications, the dry space of a small range, such as bottles, cans, etc.

MC-2A / MC10 type UV sensor
Product brand: EIT
Features: small size, light weight, battery-driven products of control of high temperature · Statistics and Programme of India (mating connector) high sampling rate (2,000 / s) · small conveyor belt-style mass-drying, automatic on / downtime, such as semiconductor printing, small parts, etc. then.
Applications: process a variety of small space, the application of highly automated operation factory dry space of a small range, such as bottles, cans, etc.

Measuring the range of the UV energy
MC-2 low energy: (2W version) 100mW/cm ² to 2W/cm ²> exceed the measurement range, the display flashes like
MC-10 high-energy: (10W version), 500 mW / cm ² to 10 W / cm ²
The spectroscopy measurement: UVA (320-390nm10%) energy points
Sampling rate: 2000 / s
Total energy: 0-9999 J / cm ²
Resolution: 0.001J/cm ²
Accuracy: Standard: 25 ℃ + / -7%; super beyond: ℃ -0.2%
The Spatial Response: approximate cosine
Operating temperature range: 15-70 ℃
Automatic shutdown time: about 4 minutes after the last UV exposure
Battery: Lithium Battery
Micro Cure: reading 200 times the standard use case (to display readings Views from the meter reading machine counter)
The trace table Life: or used for the first time one year after (subject to calibration certificate)
Dimensions: width 1.3 "X 1.0" X depth 0.25 "(33.0mmx25.4mmx6.4mm)
Weight: 0.33 ounces (9.4g)
Material: stainless steel, nylon

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