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UV-integrator1401 UV-integrator

Product Numbers: 201332152222

Price: US $0

Product description:Hong Kong produced UV-integrator1401 UV UV energy meter energy meter is mainly used for UV drying device low energy UV purification equipment such as space, do not look or look through refraction / reflection UV light, ensure that any part of the body are not direct UV light.

The UV-integrator1401 
 Size: 140 mm diameter 12 mm high
 Power: Lithium battery 3.6V
 Weight: about 450g
 Power consumption: about 10,000 hours (Lithiwn lithium battery)
 Applicable device: UV UV dryer, exposure machines and other related industries;
 Measuring range :0-5000mW / cm2
 :0-999999mj / cm2 LCD display of energy
 Measuring range :250-410nm (spectral wavelength)
 Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃ (the use factory temperature less than 70 ℃ temperature of 120 ° C for no more than 20 seconds in the conveyor belt)

UV energy UV energy is mainly used for the low purification space UV drying device equipment,
Do not look directly and non-direct vision by refraction / reflection UV lamp,
Any part of the body from UV lamp direct.
UV drying device factory where dust, clean adequacy.

Installation / operation:
a. ON switch, the LCD (display) is displayed as zero.
b. Joulemeter placed in the exposure lamp lights near the source, as far as possible its the back of the alignment lights source (Figure joulemeter the energy receptors in the back), for an appropriate extension of exposure time.
c. Until joulemeter display measurements show, for example, 1,000 (1000mj/cm2)
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