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RUNWING UV-Integrator140

Product Numbers: 201332152450

Price: US $0

Product description:香港产UV140 UV能量计

Spectral range: UV 250-410nm (nanometers)
Intensity range: 0-5,00 0 mW/cm2 (milliwatts / square centimeter)
Scale range: 0-999,999 mJ/cm2 (mJ / cm ²)
Power Supply: 3.6V lithium battery
Battery life: 10,000 hours under normal operating conditions
Dimensions: a disk-type structure, a diameter of 140mm (10 mm) and height of 13mm (millimeters)
Weight: 450g (grams)
Ambient temperature: 0 to 45 ° C (degrees Celsius)
Withstand temperatures: 110 ° C (Celsius) under the conditions of continuous exposure to no more than 10s (seconds)
Calibration cycle: As all of the electronic components, such as: sensor, usually with the use of time and aging, to ensure more accurate measurement accuracy and effect, it is recommended to check the cycle of one year.
Warranty period: from the date of purchase within one year from the warranty, except for man-made damage or damage caused by objective factors.

How to use:
1. Switch to the open position of the right side of the energy meter "ON" position, the display will show a digital "0" mj/cm2 (mJ / sq cm).
2. Ready to measure, and the back surface of the energy meter for the ultraviolet rays of the UV light source, in order to ensure the validity of the measurement.
3. When the instrument has been recorded after a certain time of the irradiation of the light sensed by the UV light energy, can be read from the front of the display screen of the instrument on energy value, corresponding to the energy value of the unit is: mj/cm2 (millijoules / square centimeter).
4. Each time, during the time when the new measurement work, according to the need to meter off and then on again. The display is re-adjusted to the "0" mj/cm2 (millijoules / square centimeter). You can then follow the above steps to continue operating.
Avoid force frequent shaking instruments or broken equipment;
2. Every measurement is completed, please turn off the instrument back into the custody of the box;
3. Measurement, do not look directly at the UV light source, avoid bare skin exposed to strong radiation;
Measurement to avoid the front of the instrument LCD directly placed in a strong light or high heat environment.
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