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SRT-6223 roughness instrument

Product Numbers: 20133491647

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Product description:selected measurement conditions corresponding parameters in the liquid crystal display clearly shows all the measurement parameters

Sandblasting blasting roughness tester SRT-6223
Meet the ASTM D4417 method C and NACERP0287-95 test method, the surface can be directly measured peak - valley height, according to the selected measurement conditions to calculate the corresponding parameters on the LCD display clearly shows all the measurement parameters.

Product Features:
1, high-precision inductive sensors;
2, integrated design, small size, light weight, easy to use
3, with automatic shutdown feature.
4, with metric conversion.
5, with average calculation function.

Methods of operation:
The instrument has two shutdown methods, namely manual and automatic shut off.
At any time, as long as the light press the multifunction key until the display shows OFF, release the hand can manually turn off the machine power;
On the other hand, if one minute's time, not pressing any key, or failing to make any measurement, it will automatically shut down in order to achieve power saving function.
When the surface roughness measurement, the instrument sensor on the surface of the workpiece measured by a sharp instrument built-in stylus feel the measured surface roughness, this time caused by the roughness of the workpiece surface to be measured stylus produce displacement, the displacement the sensor inductance coil inductance changes, resulting in the output of phase-sensitive rectifier and the measured surface roughness produces an analog signal proportional to the signal level after amplification and after conversion into the data acquisition system, DSP chips the collected data, digital filtering and parameter calculation, the measurement results on the LCD display, and can communicate with the PC, data analysis and statistics and printing.

Detailed parameters:
Display: blue backlight, 4 LED display
Measuring range :0-800um
Accuracy: ± 5% or ± 5un
Fluctuation of display value: Not more than 5%
Measuring principle: Inductive
Resolution: 0. 1μm when the measured value <100μm 1μm when the measured value ≥ 100μm
Operating environment: Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃ Humidity: <80% RH
Dimensions: 162 × 65 × 28mm
Weight: about 280g

Shot blasting industry, printing industry, spraying anti-corrosion industry and other industries demand for surface roughness.
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