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Ridge SeeSnake CA-100 Endoscope

Product Numbers: 20133493926

Price: US $0

Product description:Ridge RIDGID SeeSnake CA-100 Micro Endoscope

The latest upgrade to handheld RIDGID micro CA-100TM miniature endoscope with a powerful video viewing function to view the complex and narrow area, you can easily detect and identify the problems.
3.5 "color LCD screen, 360-degree flip the image; the lens minimum diameter of up to 6.5 mm, and contains four LED lights, to meet the more narrow compact view the needs of the environment.

Technical parameters and characteristics
Display: 3.5 "color LCD display (320x240 resolution)
Camera: scratch-resistant hard glass lens, standard 17 mm diameter camera (optional 6.5 mm camera, video resolution 320x240, picture resolution 100000)
Lighting: contains four adjustable LED lighting
● Cable length: Standard one meter (optional extension cable can be up to 10 meters)
Waterproof: correct installation, camera and cable waterproof to 3 meters, Waterproof IP67
● Power: 4 AA batteries
Accessories: hook, mirror and magnet
Weight: 2.5 kg
● Support video output
Standard configuration
● 1 meter RCA video cable
● 4 AA batteries
Attachment: hook, mirror and magnet

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