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Domestic screen tension meter

Product Numbers: 20133494423

Price: US $0

Product description:CMMY Y-1 high-precision screen printing warp, weft, warp and weft line average point 0-50N CMMY Y-3 high-precision electronic screen printing warp, weft, the average point of latitude and longitude lines 0-50N

First, the features:
CMMY tonometer tension test applies to all types of screen version pointer indicating tension (unit: Newton), without any power.
CMMY can easily detect the tension in the taut mesh arbitrary location, the tonometer radial and weft tension of the network version of the generic test, so that the net reaches diameter, consistent with the weft direction. Screen is a new stretch system or reuse old Screen
CMMY provides reliable tension test data.
CMMY precision measuring instruments, in order for a long time to get a good measurement effect, need to be kept in a dust-free, dry environment. Measuring strip on the dust and dirt can cause inaccurate measurements.

Second, the technical parameters:
Measuring principle: the tension on the method of measuring network version of the Precision Machinery instrument.
Display error: full scale accuracy error of +5%
Unit: N / cm (N / cm).
Measuring range :7-50 (5-60) N / cm.
Net weight: 500 g
Gross weight: about 1kg
Net size: 108X76X44mm
Box dimensions: 229X200X76mm
Spare parts: standard correction glass.
Note: Earthquake and after use to its side.

Product Description:
Silk screen version of the tonometer in CMMY brand products assembled by the joint venture products, form the core of Finland and Switzerland, there is a price advantage.
1, the measurement accuracy (+-0.5N), is the the essential ideal tool for making precision stencil.
, Measurable warp and weft, the average points of latitude and longitude lines, high demand electronics, CDs, circuit boards, SMT stencil dedicated.
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