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KT-50B Moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201334151113

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Product description:KT-50B inductive wood moisture meter KLORTNER-50 Inductive Wood Moisture Meter, through simple contact, rapid measurement of the specific gravity of 300 ~ 1000kg / m³ between various wood moisture content, and do not damage the material being tested .


Italy KLORTNER-50 induction Wood Moisture Meter, through simple contact, rapid measurement accounted for between 300 ~ 1000kg / m³ wood moisture content of the material does not damage detected.
advanced electromagnetic sensing technology can penetrate wood depth of 50mm, to produce a three-dimensional magnetic field measurements in the field. Therefore, it is extremely high accuracy Wood Moisture meter.
instrumentation boot after 40 seconds automatically shut down, effectively save energy, protect the instrument longer use.
The instruments with low voltage display, to remind the user to replace the power supply in a timely manner when the screen is displayed in the upper left corner of LOBAT.

First, the technical indicators
1, the measuring range: 2 to 80%
2 Display: LCD display
Density adjustment: 300 to 1000kg / (1-5 gear)
Scan depth: 0 ~ 50mm
Resolution accuracy: 0.1%
6, volume, weight: 120 × 60 × 26 (mm), 150g

Second, the use
The density adjustment switch:
Stalls to be detected air-dry density (g / cm ³)
1 ρ ≤ 0.4
2 0.4 <ρ <0.6
3 0.6 ≤ ρ <0.7
4 0.7 ≤ ρ <0.8
5 0.8 ≤ ρ

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