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MC-7825G multi-purpose grain moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201334153111

Price: US $0

Product description:MC-7825G multi-functional food grain moisture meter moisture meter quickly and accurately measure the temperature of food and water, measuring varieties: grain particles or powder food, quickly and accurately measure the temperature of food and water.

Product Name: Multifunctional grain moisture meter
Product Model: MC-7825G
Measurement Method: Needle / inductive
Functions: fast, accurate measurement of food temperature and moisture
Measurement varieties: grain particles or powder grain, wheat, rice, corn, soybean, flax, canola, peas, coffee, cocoa beans, lentils, sorghum, sunflower, etc.
Measuring range: 0-30%
Measurement accuracy: 14% ± 0.6%
            15% -18% ± 0.8%
            18% ± 1%
Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 55 ℃
Resolution: 0.1
Instrument Interface: RS232C
Working power: 4 7 batteries
Measuring rod dimensions: 368x44x25mm
Dimensions: 165x62x26mm
Weight: 334g (without battery)
Grain varieties:
Name Measuring range code grain products
CD01 wheat whole 7-31
CD02 wheat flour 7-29
CD03 rice, whole 7-29
CD04 rice powder 7-26
CD05 rice 7-29
CD06 semolina 7-25
CD07 corn, whole 7-27
CD08 corn flour 7-26
CD09 soybean whole 6-28
CD10 soybean powder 5-22
CD11 barley / oats whole 7-34
CD12 barley / oat flour 7-29
CD13 coffee, whole 7-31
CD14 coffee powder 7-26
CD15 coffee green 7-27
CD16 cocoa beans whole 4-13
CD17 flaxseed whole 6-21
CD18 lentils 7-21
CD19 rapeseed 5-26
CD20 mustard seeds, whole 7-21
CD21 sorghum / millet whole 7-28
CD22 sorghum / millet flour 7-26
CD23 sunflower seeds whole 5-25
CD24 sweet rapeseed whole 6-20
CD25 flax powder 5-21
CD26 pea flour 7-27
CD27 peas whole 7-30
CD28 nuts 5-13
CD29 ryegrass seed whole 7-28
CD30 duck thatched seeds, whole 6-23
CD31 soft wheat flour 7-29
CD32 white clover seed 6-24
CD33 clover red seed 6-22
CD34 buckwheat 7-29
CD35 Brassica 5-15
CD36 beans fruit 7-25
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