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PT-90C Wood moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201334154943

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Product description:PT-90C pin wood moisture meter moisture meter to improve the measurement resolution 2 to 1, to improve the accuracy of reading the resolution. In order to facilitate the user to determine whether the instrument itself is in good condition, but also in the creation of the instrument cap test standard device. Also in the shape of a further reasonable and beautiful. Easier to use, more compact portable instrument is characterized by the

PT-90C Pocket Wood Moisture Meter continuously displays the version of the PT-90 series of integers, suitable for wood fiber-like substances, moisture in the 6% -25% and a thickness of less than 20mm objects, such as bamboo products, wood,rapid determination of the percentage of moisture content of Chinese herbal medicines, tobacco, cotton, paper, leather, textiles and other items.
    The instrument will measure the resolution improved to 1 to improve the reading resolution accuracy. In order to facilitate the user to determine the instrument itself is in good condition, additional testing standards in the instrument cap. In addition, in the shape of further reasonable and beautiful. Easier to use, lighter to carry, the characteristics of the instrument, its performance is superior to other domestic same type of product.

          Display: LED indication.
          :6-25% of the measuring range.
          Resolution: 1
          Accuracy: 2%
          Power supply: one 9V battery.
          Dimensions: 128 × 61 × 24 (mm)
          Weight: 150 g

    Methods of operation: unplug the instrument cap the two contacts on the cap of the probe contact, press the test switch, 18 ± 1 indicates that the instrument is in the normal state. Such as "change battery" indicator light indicates that the battery is depleted, the need for timely replacement battery. Electrode probe is inserted into the timber specimen to be measured, the test switch is pressed, the data of the light emitting tube indicates the specimen average absolute moisture content of the test is completed, release the test switch off the power automatically.
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