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The FD-D1 textile raw material moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201334161711

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Product description:FD-D1 textile materials moisture meter to measure a wide range of moisture, high accuracy, clear display and rapid measurement, stable performance, reliable indicators, and small size, light weight, portable on-site rapid test, easy to use. The textile industry, textile raw materials moisture detection of various ideal instrument.

FD-D1 textile materials moisture meter is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, first introduced in the country 's high-performance , digital moisture measuring instruments.
The instrument uses high-frequency theory , digital display, sensor and body as one, with a number of stalls used to measure a variety of textile materials moisture.
The instrument measures the moisture wide range, high precision , clear display and rapid measurement, stable performance, reliable indicators , and small size , light weight , portable on-site rapid test , easy to use . The textile industry, textile raw materials moisture detection of various ideal instrument .
Second, the main features
1 , the introduction of foreign advanced technology, imported chips, domestic assembly .
2 , the unique sensor design and production methods have the ability to penetrate beyond the ordinary .
3 , proprietary sensor technology a wide operating range , the measurement can be inserted quickly displayed.
4 , stable performance and excellent quality.
5 , portable instrument case as proprietary designs.
6 meter compact design, compact structure.
7 , the national patent number : 95205647.X
Third, the working environment
Temperature : -5 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
Humidity : ≤ 85% RH
Fourth, the working principle
The instrument introduction of foreign advanced technology uses high-frequency principle that there is a natural frequency within the instrument , different analytes water pass into the frequency sensor inside the machine is different, the difference between the two comparative frequency, frequency- to-current converter into digital display .
Fifth, technical performance
1 , measuring moisture range: 0 to 40%
2, the use of the environment : -5 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
3 , Accuracy : ± 0.5%
4 , Response time: 1 second
5 , the display : 3 ½ digit LCD LCD display
6, Power : 9V (6F22 type ) laminated battery a
7 , Volume : 160 × 60 × 27 (mm)
8 , Weight: 160 g
Sixth, use
The moisture meter for the contact measurement instruments, provided that the sensitive parts of the sensor measurements to full contact with the object .
Due to high frequency has a longer penetrating , so when measuring analytes , if the surrounding metal can cause inaccurate measurements , it requires around sensitive parts of the sensor should not have metal material within 20cm.
Seven, using the steps
1 , according to different options analyte continuous dial position , due to the different kinds of textile raw materials, the dielectric constant is different, and therefore should select dial position in comparison check.
2 , will be the key to open up to ON at the display on the LCD screen is 00.0 ± 0.5. If not within this range , you should slowly adjust the zero knob (ADJ), so that the digital display to within 0 ± 00.5 . The probe is pressed against the measured object , to be stable figures , showing the number of objects detected by the moisture values .
3 , numerical parity : When the measured value has an error , turn the dial. Such as : the measured actual moisture content of 5.2% , with a 7-speed test shows a value of 4.8 percent , the dial counter-clockwise , so that the display shows 5.2% , look at the dial position is referred to a few , similar measure later that stall when choosing this material . If the value is greater than the actual value of water , the dial clockwise , so that the actual value reaches the value of water . Also write down the stalls, after also without verification .
4 , replace the battery : When zeroing knob can not be adjusted to within 0 ± 00.5 or numbers displayed on the jump erratically , or when the top left corner of the display screen LOBAT, please replace the section 9V (6F22) battery. After the battery cover up the horizontal push to replace a 9V battery. If the battery has power, open the battery cover , take out the battery with a small screwdriver to adjust the side of the small brass screw ( potentiometer ) , the case of a positive tone than zero , counter-clockwise adjustment ; contrary clockwise adjustment .
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