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FD-C chemical raw material moisture meter

Product Numbers: 20133416230

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Product description:FD-C chemical raw material moisture meter is the introduction of foreign advanced technology in the country for the first time introduced the high-performance, moisture measurement instrument for digitization. The instrument uses High Frequency principle, digital display, sensor and body together as one, has a number of stalls used to measure various types of alkali-reactive dyes, chemical, mineral raw materials, organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, crude oil, heavy oil, dyes, resins, washing powder , metallic soap additives, solutions, additives, explosives, coal, plastic particles, fertilizers, in medicine and other powdered, granular, liquid moisture. The instruments to measure a wide range of water, high accuracy, clear display, measuring rapid, stable performance, reliable indicators, and the small size, light weight, can carry in the field to quickly detect, easy to use. Moisture testing their products the chemical industry

FD-C chemical raw material moisture meter is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, first introduced in the country 's high-performance , digital moisture measuring instruments.
The instrument uses high-frequency theory , digital display, sensor and body as one, with a number of stalls used to measure various types of alkali reactive dyes , chemical mineral raw materials , organic and inorganic chemical raw materials , crude oil, heavy oil , dyes , resins , detergents , metal soaps, chemicals, solutions, additives , explosives , coal, plastic particles , fertilizer, medicine , etc. in powder, granular , liquid water .
The instrument measures the moisture wide range, high precision , clear display and rapid measurement, stable performance, reliable indicators , and small size , light weight , portable on-site rapid test , easy to use . Is detected by the chemical industry product moisture professional equipment .
Second, the main features
1 , the introduction of foreign advanced technology, imported chips, domestic assembly .
2 , the unique sensor design and production methods have the ability to penetrate beyond the ordinary .
3 , proprietary sensor technology a wide operating range , the measurement can be inserted quickly displayed.
4 , stable performance and excellent quality.
5 , portable instrument case as proprietary designs.
6 meter compact design, compact structure.
7 , the national patent number : 95205647.X
Third, the working environment
Temperature : -5 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ Humidity : ≤ 85% RH
Fourth, the working principle
The instrument introduction of foreign advanced technology uses high-frequency principle that there is a natural frequency within the instrument , different analytes water pass into the frequency sensor inside the machine is different, the difference between the two comparative frequency, frequency- to-current converter into digital display .
Fifth, technical performance
1 , measuring moisture range: 0 to 80%
2, the use of the environment : -5 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
3 , Accuracy: 0% to 1% Accuracy : ± 0.01%;
            1% to 5% accuracy : ± 0.1%;
           5% to 20 % accuracy : ± 0.5%;
          20% to 40 % accuracy : ± 1%;
          40% ~ 80% Accuracy : ± 2%
4 , Response time: 1 second
5 , the display : 3 ½ digit LCD LCD display
6 , probe length : 200mm
7, Power : 9V (6F22 type ) laminated battery a
8 , size : 160 × 60 × 27 (mm) 9, Weight: 200 g
Sixth, use
The moisture analyzer is a contactless measuring instruments , measuring premise is sensitive parts of the sensor ( in front of more than 10mm or less ) to full contact with the object , in general , sensitive parts of the sensor to be as in-depth as measured inside the object to reduce measurement errors.
Due to high frequency has a longer penetrating , so when measuring analytes , if the surrounding metal can cause inaccurate measurements , and called sensitive areas around the sensor should be inserted inside a metallic substance 20cm. Placing the measured object container diameter should be 50mm, height 50mm ( it should in no magnetic or metal ) above the cylinder , wherein the probe is inserted between the parts.

Seven, using the steps
1 , hand-held instruments, the sensor probe is screwed into the socket body .
2 , based on the object of moisture stalls of different options :
  1 file ( Push up ) : 0 to 1% 2 files ( push down ) : 0 ~ 80%
  When the water is greater than 1% should select two files.

3 different options for the continuous analyte dial position , due to the different kinds of chemical raw materials, the dielectric constant is different, and therefore should select dial position in comparison check.

4 Press the ON button, the display on the LCD screen (1 file : 0.00 ± 0.05,2 file : 00.0 ± 0.5). If not within this range , you should slowly adjust the zero knob (ADJ), so that the digital display to within 0 ± 00.5 . The probe is inserted into the measured object , to be stable figures , the figures show the value of the test object by water .

5 , numerical parity : When the measured value has an error , turn the dial. Such as : the measured actual moisture content of 5.2% , with a 7-speed test shows a value of 4.8 percent , the dial counter-clockwise , so that the display shows 5.2% , look at the dial position is referred to a few , similar measure later that stall when choosing this material . If the value is greater than the actual value of water , the dial clockwise , so that the actual value reaches the value of water . Also write down the stalls, after also without verification .

6 , 60 seconds after the instrument is switched off automatically , effectively save energy , protect the instrument longer use .

7 , replace the battery : When zeroing knob can not be adjusted to within 0 ± 00.5 or numbers displayed on the jump erratically , or when the upper left corner of the display shows LOBAT, please replace the section 9V (6F22) battery. After the battery cover up the horizontal push to replace a 9V battery. If the battery has power, open the battery cover , take out the battery with a small screwdriver to adjust the side of the small brass screw ( potentiometer ) , the case of a positive tone than zero , counter-clockwise adjustment ; contrary clockwise adjustment .
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