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PT-90E Wood moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201334162342

Price: US $0

Product description:PT-90E pin moisture meter wood moisture meter for wood fiber materials, the moisture content of 5% -40% of the objects, such as bamboo, wood, herbs, tobacco, cotton, paper, leather, textiles, food, rapid Determination of crops, chemicals and other items percent moisture content.


PT-90E digital tester wood , veneer and use the plate thickness of 20mm or less rapid determination of moisture content .

The instrument uses a computer chip microcontroller technology , Penang abandon all analog potentiometers, internal automatic calibration of various errors by software. Original measurement resolution of 2 LED diode display , improved to a resolution of l LED digital tube display , improved resolution accuracy , reading more convenient and intuitive . While expanding the measurement range of the instrument itself is easy to check if the user is in good condition , and the cap of the instrument test criteria is added . Software upgrade capability of the instrument has a user timber species as well as software calibration curve and use custom functions . Also in the shape of a further reasonable and beautiful. Easier to use , carry lighter is characteristic of the instrument .

I. Main performance and technical indicators

A water content of 5 to 40% Measuring range

2, the measurement resolution : 1

3 , the measurement error : ± 2% ≤ 28

± 5%> 28

4 Display : LED digital indicator:

5 Dimensions : 128X61X24mm

6 , the ambient temperature : 10 ~ 40 ° C a

7, weight : 150 g

8 Power : 6F22 9V battery type 1 .

Second, the method of operation

A measure before the examination

Unplug the instrument cap , the cap on the probe touches two contacts , according to F test switch , if the display 18 ± 1 , then the instrument is in normal condition. If that is to change the battery indicator flashes alternately two decimal places , which means that the battery has been depleted , the need to replace them with new batteries.

2 , when measuring the electrode probe is inserted into the specimen timber needs determination . Press the test switch , LED digital data is indicated by the mean absolute moisture content of the specimen , the measured value < 5:00 shows 0 , the measured value > is displayed AA 40 , which means that the range has been super . The test is completed , release the test switch, power off automatically.

Third, pay attention

In the six months from the date of shipment , in case of product quality problems, ( not a man-made damage ) , free warranty replacement within one month . Tester test cycle is generally one year.

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