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Product Numbers: 201331282849

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Product description:Nitto KOHKI MAGW-40 pneumatic grinder can correspond to a variety of special operations, high power motor to achieve the grinding efficiency, replace the grinding wheel spindle lock mode is very simple. Absorb vibration, using not feel the cold sense of resin handles.

NITTO SCALING & GRINDING pneumatic grinder
MYTON can correspond to a wide variety of special operations, the high power of the motor to achieve the grinding efficiency!
cushion vibrations leverage.
Replace the wheel spindle lock mode is very simple.
absorb vibrations will not feel cold feeling using a resin handle.
● Slide the wrench mounted on the sides.
regulator structure.
Technical Specifications
Model: MAGW-40 Lever / MAGW-40 ring
Working pressure: 0.6 (6) MPa (kgf/cm2)
Air consumption (no load): 0.68/0.82m3 / min
No load number of turns: 13,000 min-1 (rpm)
Wheel diameter: Ø100mm
Hose Size: 3/8inch
Body mass (weight): 1.55 kg / 1.6kg
Standard accessories:
• 6 corner bar wrench 6mm: 1
Wrench 17mm: 1
• Socket PT3 / 8 x NPT3 / 8: 1


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