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UV-300 UV curing machine

Product Numbers: 2013313153635

Price: US $0

Product description:UV-300 desktop / portable UV light curing machine is widely used in mobile phone shell, membrane switch, electronic plastic shell surface UV paint coating; used in the curing of electronic components, LCD, sealed plastic terminals, mobile component adhesive, sticky plastic components He and LCD, etc.

This is a transfer UV curing device, widely used in mobile phone shell, membrane switch, Electronic plastic housing UV surface paint coating; for curing electronic components, liquid crystal film, terminal plastic closure, cell phone components adhesive, plastic Group pieces of adhesive and LCD; this device small size, light weight, well-made, easy to move, suitable for desktop placement.

Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 1020 × 660 × 557mm (L × W × H);
2, packing size: 650 * 49 * 42 operating power box box 113 * 78 * 52
3, feed length: 250mm;
4, the material length: 270 mm;
5, the net width: 300mm;
6, mesh belt Material: Teflon mesh belt;
7, feeding height: 148mm;
Feed mouth of height: 10 ~~ 120mm;
Lamp power: 2.0KW / 1 Zhi, lamp irradiation height can be adjusted manually;
10, lamp irradiation width: 300mm;
11, the irradiation Divisional: 300mm;
12, exhaust fan: 38W;
13, the wave peak: 365nm;
14, settling time: about 3 minutes;
15, Lamp Life: 1,000 hours on average (guaranteed 800 hours);
16, the transfer of motor: 25W / 1 units;
17, the transmission speed :0-12m / min, the transmission speed stepless adjustable;
18 Transmission Type: chain;
19 Speed Type: electronic;
20, power supply: single-phase 220V;
21, net weight: 65kg;
22, gross weight: 70kg.
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