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UV-250 UV curing machine

Product Numbers: 2013313154523

Price: US $0

Product description:UV-250 portable light aircraft appearance, small size, light weight, space-saving, reliable and suitable for wide range of quality, safe and easy to operate. Movable work, strong randomness and flexibility, the disadvantage is low efficiency.

   Shaped UV curing, model making, crafts molding.
  ■ Suitable for UV glue, laboratory and provisional simple construction maintenance.

Product Features:
■ The Local pleasing in appearance, small size, light weight, space-saving, applicable to a wide range of quality and reliable, safe to use, easy to operate.
The machine can be mobile work, randomness, and flexibility, the disadvantage is the relatively low efficiency.
import light reflector, maximum refraction UV light and strengthen dry curing effect.
advanced cooling system, to ensure that the workpiece temperature, to extend the life of the lamp.

Technical parameters:
1, irradiation distance :80-200mm;
2, the power density :80-120W / cm;
3, the spectrum of the main peak: 365nm;
4, tube: high-pressure mercury lamp, 250W;
5, cooling method: air-cooled exhaust;
6, optical measurement range :1000-9500mJ / cm2
7, Power Supply: AC 200/220V,45-60HZ;
UV lamp power: 250W;
9, tube length: 120mm;
10, the lamp light district: 60mm;
11, Lamp Life: 800H;
12, the packaging size: 400L * 310W * 250H;
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