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UV-X UV curing machine

Product Numbers: 2013313155141

Price: US $0

Product description:UV-X box light machine is widely used in watches, clocks Case curing; UV adhesive bonding, electronic components, LCD, sealed plastic terminals, mobile component adhesive, glue and plastic components such as LCD; the device small , lightweight, well-made.

This machine is widely used in watches, watch Case curing; UV adhesive, electronic components, LCD, terminal plastic closure, cell phone components adhesive the plastic component adhesive and LCD; The device is small, light weight, production well.

Technical parameters:
1, Dimensions: 500 × 470 × 586mm (L × W × H);
2, lamp power: 400W / only;
3, box height: 360 ± 10mm;
4, the box width: 400 ± 10mm;
5, box length: 450 ± 10mm;
6, the effective luminous length: 150mm;
7, exhaust fan: 24W / 2 units;
8, UV illumination: 40W/cm;
9 decorative forms: spray;
10, power supply: single-phase 220V.
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