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CR-10 Small colorimeter

Product Numbers: 201361811229

Price: US $

Product description:Konica Minolta colorimeter CR-10 compact colorimeter CR-10 is a compact, battery-powered handheld portable colorimeter for quick color control. Usage: Use applicable to the field of rubber, plastics field, interior decoration, clothing industries.

Small colorimeter CR-10

Product Features
8 ° direction diffused light illumination means (including specular) of the colorimeter. Measuring diameter of 8mm. Minimize unnecessary use of functional and cheap. Measurement, data processing, display of the three parts of the integrated design. Small, lightweight portable design.

Product Use
Uses for rubber, plastics industry, interior decoration, clothing industry and other fields

Small colorimeter CR-10 is a compact, battery-powered handheld portable colorimeter for fast color control. The first measurement of the target, and then measure the sample. A second later, the LCD screen will show the color difference value (in L * a * b * and dE * or L * C * H * and dE * indicates). The colorimeter uses 8 ° direction diffused light illumination mode, measuring diameter of 8mm, applicable to all areas of application. All measurements were performed in a standard D65 illuminant and 10 ° viewing conditions. In addition, CR-10 can be connected to an external printer will print out the measurement results.

Illuminating / System 8 / d (8 ° illumination / diffuse light), with specular
Measuring diameter of about Φ8mm
Display Mode Δ (L * a * b *), Δ (L * C * h), ΔE * ab
Measurement range L *: 10 ~ 100
Measurement conditions CIE 10 ° standard observer; CIE D65 light source
Repeatability standard deviation within ΔE * ab0.1 (condition: Measuring white calibration plate) measurement interval of about one second standard color a group in order to measure the input
Power on the 5th battery (× 4) or a dedicated power adapter
Battery performance alkaline manganese batteries: a 10 seconds interval measurements can be measured 2,000
Nickel-cadmium batteries: at 10 second intervals measured can be measured 600 times
Operating temperature and humidity range of 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity 80% or less (35 ° C), non-condensing
Standard Accessories Soft Case CR-A68, protective cap CR-A72, wristbands CR-73, 5 batteries × 4
Optional accessories Power Adapter AC-A308, printer cable CR-A75

Konica Minolta also offers CR-11 and CR-14 colorimeter, were used to Husserl exponential notation and white color measurement.
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