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CR-13 compact colorimeter (tristimulus Type)

Product Numbers: 2013618111256

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Product description:CR-10 Series - can measure the absolute value of small colorimeter, measuring instruments mouth with a glass cover sheet can be directly measured, such as convenience sample powder, paste, liquid inside the instrument will not cause pollution.

CR-13 compact colorimeter (tristimulus Type)

CR-10 Series - can measure small absolute colorimeter
Small miso with a colorimeter CR-13 is easy to measure the absolute value of miso and other small food color colorimeter colorimeter uses 8 ° of the direction of the light diffused illumination mode, measuring diameter of 8mm, instrument calibration plate with white and multiple sets of data can be measured and the average value calculated to provide more accurate measurements.
The instrument is widely used in foods such as miso measurements.
Instruments to measure the mouth with a glass cover sheet can be easily measured directly such as powder, paste, liquid sample inside the instrument will not cause pollution.
Instrument can display the converted L * a * b *, Yxy industry widely used two kinds of color space mode.
You can also matching the corresponding small printers, protective cover and optional external power supply, etc. in order to ensure better use.

Product Features
8 ° direction diffused light illumination mode (excluding specular) colorimeter. Measuring diameter of 8mm. Measurement is simple, small, lightweight portable design, and multiple-point average measurements, glass protection film features such as configuration to ensure accurate and efficient measurement process. Mainly used to measure judgments miso and other food color and quality.

Product Use
Food miso with other fields

Illuminating / System 8 / d (8 ° illumination / diffuse light), excluding specular
Measuring diameter of about Ø8mm
Display Mode L * a * b *; Yxy
Measurement range L *: 10 ~ 100
Measurement conditions CIE 10 ° standard observer; CIE D65 light source; repeatability standard deviation: ΔE * ab0.1 less (conditions: Measuring white calibration plate)
Measurement interval of about 1 second
Power on the 5th battery (× 4) or a dedicated power adapter
Battery performance alkaline manganese batteries: a 10 seconds interval measurements can be measured 2,000
Nickel-cadmium batteries: at 10 second intervals measured can be measured 600 times
Operating temperature and humidity range of 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity 85% or less (35 ° C), non-condensing
Standard Accessories Soft Case CR-A68, wristbands CR-A73, White Calibration Plate CR-A74, protective cap CR-A79, 5 batteries × 4
Optional accessories Power Adapter AC-A308, printer cable CR-A75, dust cover CR-A80
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