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MC-7825PS Moisture meter

Product Numbers: 20133116838

Price: US $0

Product description:MC-7825PS multifunction moisture meter is mainly used to measure the water timber, wood fiber materials such as bamboo, wood, herbs, tobacco, cotton, paper, building, soil and other non-conductive material

Product Model: MC-7825PS
Type: Needle / inductive
Measurable material: wood 150 kinds of construction materials (according to the material, select the code)
Measuring range: water :0-80% Construction moisture :0-50%
Calibration: boot auto-calibration
Display: LCD digital display
Accuracy: ± (0.5% n +1)
Resolution: 0.1
Battery indicator: low voltage prompt
Power: 4 AAA batteries
Dimensions: 165x62x26mm
RS232 interface
Weight: 334g (without battery)
Optional accessories: 1.18% water standard (male) RS-232C or USB connection cable and software Bluetooth communication and software
Application: wood, wood fiber material such as bamboo products, wood, Chinese herbal medicine, tobacco, cotton, paper, construction, soil moisture measurement of non-conductive substances
Pin code:
Material code Material Name
The North America fir, Ceylon Dipterocarp, Dipterocarp ancient rue, eucalyptus spot Eucalyptus cap eucalyptus, Leis eucalyptus wings Sterculia Sterculia brown Sterculia trunk yellow, Lodgepole pine, Scots pine , small dry pine, twisted pine, Lodgepole pine, Scots pine, yellow pine, redwood trees in Europe, the Americas, red rubber tree, spotted the rubber tree, European ash tree, birch, balsa wood, boxwood, African cedar, cypress, maple , black white Yang wood, Indian rosewood, American oak, European oak, Japanese oak, Simon Wood, mahogany (ebony, rosewood, etc.), sandalwood, rosewood Australia, Karp wood, American walnut, sugar maple, large leaf maple, summer oak, bamboo and products
Cd01 often eucalyptus, willow eucalyptus, narrow leaves Araucaria, large leaves Araucaria, Sequoia, merbau, tears Boluohansong, Douglas fir, coast pine, southern rubber tree, the California redwood trees, American ash tree, Western Mahogany the Queensland maple wood, light brown, New Guinea walnut, New Zealand white pine, giant disk of wood, red Shorea Inami Shorea
The Cd02 jarrah Australia eucalyptus, Africa silver birch, Australia silver birch tree, Nigeria Rui hematoxylin, European walnut, Queensland walnut, oak, wood frame, white wood, the European Fagus, Yinhua, North America, Qiaobo, North American larch, European larch, Japanese larch flower spikes Podocarpus European black pine, Corsican black pine, longleaf pine, western ponderosa pine, red cedar, ponderosa pine, American three-pine, Caribbean loose, egg fruit pine, radiata pine, European spruce, European yew, European fir, spruce, western hemlock, different Leaf hemlock, yew, the green heart of Austria Kou ladder, soil Nan, chestnuts
Cd03 Kauri New Zealand, New Zealand, fir, Bin plus all wood, Turkey oak, Africa neem bitter Lu, Turkey oak, American elm, elm, UK, the Cuango long Ulmus, white elm, Myanmar eggplant, lemon, Podocarpus, New Zealand Podocarpus
Cd04 Tong Ye maple, light leaves pecans, pillars mangroves, small fig tree, the American western larch, western larch, red sandalwood, African rosewood, teak, and rags, wood, hickory, American light rag wood
Cd05 the West African hosiei, African hosiei, persimmon, American persimmon, Indian rosewood, basswood, corner flap Wood, the prisms wood, the Qinglong wood, yellow cedar
Cd06 poon, Brazil hump neem, white hump neem
The Cd07 tall fir, Queensland Kauri, Queensland fir, African Mahogany, African walnut, weeping birch, croton, sweet cherry, cherry, small pellagra pecans, black hump neem, European white birch, cedar, lone Trinidad
The Cd08 paper, cardboard
The Cd09 buildings, walls, concrete
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