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ETT-0681 Window-Tint-Meter

Product Numbers: 20133116172

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Product description:ETT-0681 Window-Tint-Meter Transmittance meter ETT-0681-made high-precision test instrument transparency portable light meter for measuring a variety of glass and transparent or translucent material visible light transmittance.

ETT-0681 Window Tint Meter
Brief Introduction
The ETT-0681 Window Tint Meter is mainly used to test the transmittance of automobile glass and transparent or semi-transparent objects. It is small in size and portable, so it is especially adaptable to field measuring.
Technology parameter  
Applications ∵Automobile making and test, field measurement of glass products and aerospace industry; ∵Measurement of the transmittance of glasses, sunglasses and anti-suntan protective films; ∵Measurement of the transmittance or haze of plastic products; ∵Measurement of the transmittance of other transparent or semi-transparent material
Measure range 0.0-100%
Measuring quantity % optical transmittance
Maximum matrix thickness 10mm
Measuring accuracy ≤2%
Environment temperature  5℃~40℃
Accuracy range 5%~85%visible light transmittance
Optical detector   complying with V(lambda) human eye sensitivity    
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