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UV-DESIGN_UV-int150+ UV-integrator

Product Numbers: 201331161739

Price: US $600

Product description:UV-int150 + high temperature UV energy meter is a high quality UV energy measuring instrument.


UV-int150 + high temperature UV energy meter is a high quality UV energy measuring instrument.
UV energy meter is used to measure the UV energy of the UV curing device to an instrument, the measuring instrument main sensor in the back of the measuring instrument, the measuring range of 250 to 410 nanometers, the measurement can be displayed directly to the front of the display screen in the energy meter on the readout (unit: mJ / sq cm), the energy of the power for the 3.6-volt battery special high temperature 125 degrees, the battery due to the use of a special energy saving line, the battery lasts about 5,000 hours.
Applicable to production: cell phone case, PCB, UV board, flooring, plastic buttons ...
Related technology and materials: UV coating, UV coating, UV printing, UV glue, UV coatings and inks ...
Technical Data
Test range :0-5000mw / cm2
Display value :0-999999mj / cm2 (high temperature display protection treatment)
Size: 90mm diameter: 12mm
Spectral range :250-410nm Center: 365nm
The maximum temperature: 85 degrees on a conveyor belt 125 degrees is not more than 20 seconds
Instrument Weight: about 150 grams of aluminum housing
Power Supply: 3.6V battery (high temperature 125 degrees special battery)
Power: 100pa can be used for about 5000 hours

High temperature UV-Int150 + UV energy meter
 Note: You can not look directly and non-direct vision by refraction / reflection UV lamp, to ensure that any part of the body from UV lamp direct.
The UV energy meter can withstand higher temperatures, and no more than 20 seconds on the conveyor, temperature 125 ° C.

Installation / operation
1, open the OFF / ON switch open then the LCD (display) is displayed as zero.
Irradiation time for an appropriate extension of the UV energy meter placed in UV lamp lights near the source, as far as possible its back alignment light source (due to the energy of the energy sensor in the rear).
3, on the display screen until the energy meter measurement display, for example, 800 mJ / cm ². (800mj/cm2)
4, turn off the the energy meter switch (OFF), or to display no value.

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