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KT-505 wood moisture meter

Product Numbers: 201331161935

Price: US $0

Product description:KT-505 wood moisture meter moisture meter tester with drop shock rubber sleeve, KLORTNER-505 induction Wood Moisture Meter, easy to carry, by simple contact, rapid measurement of a variety of wood moisture content. Simply put KT-505 can measure wood moisture wood surface.

KT-505 measuring instrument wood moisture meter moisture tester with brands shock rubber sleeve
Moisture Meter Italy KLORTNER-505 induction timber, easy to carry, through simple contact, rapid measurement of wood moisture content. Simply KT-505 can be measured on the surface of the wood wood moisture.

KT-505 measuring instrument wood moisture meter moisture tester with brands shock rubber sleeve
The  Crowe Turner (KLORTNER-505) Wood Moisture Meter, through simple contact, rapid measurement of the proportion of 300-1000kg / m³ between wood moisture content, and do not damage the material to be detected.
 advanced electromagnetic sensing technology can penetrate wood depth of 50mm, to produce a three-dimensional magnetic field measurements in the field. Therefore, there is a very high accuracy Wood Moisture meter.
 instrument boot after 40 seconds automatically shut down, can also be manually shut down at any time effective to save energy, the use of a longer period of time to protect the instrument.
 KT-505 is equipped with popular brands shock rubber sleeve, effective protection instrument.
The  instrument has a low voltage display to remind the user to replace the power supply in a timely manner when the screen is displayed in the upper left corner of LOBAT.

Model: KT-505
Determination by: electromagnetic induction
Measuring range: 0 to 120%
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: 0.5%
Display: LCD LCD digital display
Scan Depth: 50 (mm)
Species Fixed: five stalls
Power supply: one 9V battery
Dimensions: 121 × 62 × 27 (mm)
Weight: 150 g
Second, use:

(A) adjusting the density switch:
A file: paulownia, white Tong, Japanese cedar, dawn redwood, spruce, fir, Fujian cypress, pine, the Cangshan fir, scale spruce, Podocarpus, yellow Polo, maple, mountain pine, aspen, poplar, white chanterelle, pine, wave Lai, big-leaf paint, Japan and Romania in winter, Beilu Bu (~ 0.4)
2 file: Manchurian walnut, poplar, maple, willow, basswood, yellow Polo, Castanopsis trees, sassafras, red Chun, Ye elm, hemlock, alder, camphor, Flowers chinensis, new Litsea, large-leafed elm, ginkgo, Keteleeria, masson pine, Yunnan pine, Huang Qi, Tilia amurensis, lobed leaves elm, sweet gum, Machilus Chinaberry flowers palm trees, Schima, P. orientalis, Pinus sylvestris , Douglas fir, tree of heaven, alder, mountain acacia, cedar, five-foot pear, Changbai larch, cork, horse find birds swingle, scutching barrel Cai, Bo Luolan, 白打 Ma, yellow, red pools wood pool of white wood, wooden pool, mountain osmanthus, mountain, sumac, cork maple, maple, sweet gum, Building wooden mountain durian, Banksia, Ma camphor, play-ling, spring tea, nine cakes, tea, winter and maple. (0.4 to 0.6)
3 files: oak, chestnut, birch, shuohua, Xing'anling larch, catalpa wood, Ash, the Netherlands wood, red sandalwood, Ash, Meranti, stained wood, Qi wood, teak, hystrix the Chongyang wood, Phoebe , Schoenberg wood, Gan dial, Yamanashi, fibreboard, MDF. (0.6 to 0.7)
4 file: Jue oak, locust, Fagus, beech, beech, Maple Leaf, Castanea henryi, red beans, eucalyptus, black by end Polo wood, red meat by end, camphor, bamboo. (0.7 to 0.8)
5 file: Haloxylon persicum, Trimeresurus glauca, cork oak, following Hedley wood wooden birds wood, hemp oak, ironwood, catechu, Indus, flower HuangTan, yellow-crowned wood, pistache Lithocarpus lobular, chicken Jane, long capsule Da wood, lychee fine sub-dragon, oil by end Whetstone Aberdeen, pine nuts, the rouge plum, Garland should also sand, the DPRK sandalwood, Dumu, tree. (0.8)

(B) Technical Note:
 KT-505-type moisture meter penetration depth of 50mm, so measuring timber thickness is less than 50mm, to be superimposed on the wood over 50mm.
 If not zero, then turn on your instrument measurement value measured less power display value is the moisture content of wood. Measurement is boot measurement displayed as a negative value plus the absolute value of the number is the moisture content of the wood; absolute value of the measured value less the number of positive measures such as boot display shall be the moisture content of the wood rate.
Remove the battery  instrument zero, set the battery cover open, the inside of the battery compartment ten regulator, a positive value to zero, counterclockwise regulation; Conversely, clockwise adjustment.
 If a timber in different two adjacent stalls, were required in the adjacent two tranches of the measured sum of the numbers divided by the resulting number is the humidity of the species
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