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Product Numbers: 201331165410

Price: US $1000

Product description:KUHNAST UV-365A UV-LIGHT METER,KUHNAST in January 1984 by Hans Ulrich in Germany in the set up is one of the Germany of UV-related development and manufacturer of instruments and equipment.

■ manufacturers Profile
KUHNAST in January 1984 by Hans Ulrich in Germany in the set up is one of the Germany of UV-related development and manufacturer of instruments and equipment.
In the establishment of the first year to generate sales of lights and equipment in large part for their own use, as the business development of the company soon expanded to include a measuring device.
With the widely accepted recognition of the successful promotion of the industry in technological innovation and market, decided to set up the other departments of the UV measurements. Production and innovation of the UV detection apparatus,
Now one of the leading manufacturer of UV measuring equipment in various fields.
■ Performance:
In order to achieve consistency and strong curing effect and accurately determine the time and replaced with new lamps by virtue only of the human visual observation will be a great deviation, intensity matching instrument becomes more important. KUHNAST UV-LIGHT METER is a new tester, high accuracy, portable size, extra large LCD display and other features, is ideal for the detection of the UV light source, to provide users with a scientific evaluation of data, allowed to know what time need to replace the lights, the correct choice of the lamp power to provide guidelines so that the curing process has been optimized, and ultimately achieve cost savings.

■ Technical parameters:
Spectral range: 405-410nm (nanometers)
Range: 0-2000 mW/cm2. (Milliwatts / square cm)
Use of power source: AAA * 4PCS battery
Battery power consumption: 1mA

Battery Life: Under normal operating conditions 200H, depending on battery quality and usage
Dimensions: square structure, long-130x W 70x high 30 mm (mm)
Light-sensitive probe: diameter: 50mm, height of: 20mm
Weight: 250g (grams)
The display: 3 inch (in.)
Cable length: 2m (m)
Ambient temperature: 0 to 75 ° C (degrees Celsius)
Withstand temperature: 110 ° C (degrees Celsius) under the conditions of continuous irradiation does not exceed 10s (seconds)
Calibration cycle: Since all electronic components, such as: sensors, usually with the use of time and aging, more accurately, to ensure the accuracy and results, we recommend calibration cycle for one year.
Warranty period: from date of purchase within one year warranty, except of man-made damage or damage caused by objective factors.

Methods of operation:
■ With the different position of the detection probe, the display control unit corresponding to the light intensity data, such as the show '98 ', shows the detected light intensity for 98mw/cm2;
■ The instrument will record the two sets of data, the maximum value MAX, the current value of RT, if the user wants to record the light intensity value of the current of a point, simply hold down the M black button value will HOLD the screen above will be recorded under the current light intensity values, the number is no longer changes;
■ instrument with automatic shutdown, shutdown, put it in the specialty packaging for safekeeping.
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