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QHQ Pencil hardness tester

Product Numbers: 20133210326

Price: US $0

Product description:QHQ Hand-powered pencil hardness tester

The desktop QHQ hand-cranked pencil hardness tester based on GB/T6739-1996 design and manufacture. The applicator surface of the role on another hardness larger object, the resistance performance, that is, the determination of the ability of the film to resist deformation. Said pencils label. For film hardness testing.

How to use:
1, to ensure that the weight weight of 1000 + /-50g vertical role pencil lead, and the intersection of the test bench, the pencil test bench to keep the same 45-degree angle. The test rig can move draw with a pencil scratches.
2, a group of Zhonghua advanced drawing pencil 6H-6B. Pencil the Preparation; slashing wood exposed 3mm lead core, not a circular motion, the tip of a pencil into the plane so that the sharp edges on the sandpaper.

Note: The test shall be conducted at a temperature of 23 + / -2 degrees Celsius, relative humidity of 50 + / - 5%.
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