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JFL-B60 single angle gloss meter

Product Numbers: 20133211750

Price: US $1380

Product description:JFL-B60 single angle gloss meter - Universal, the instrument is 60 ° gloss meter for ISO-2813, ASTM-D2457,GB9754, GB9966, GB8807 standards. Instrument indicators in line with national verification procedures JJG 696 a gloss meter standards.

JFL-B60 single angle gloss meter - Universal
Universal JFL-B60 single angle gloss meter
Product standards
 The instrument for 60 ° gloss meter applies to ISO-2813, ASTM-D2457
GB9754, GB9966, GB8807 standard.
 Furniture, electrical appliances, automobile and other industries: ink, paint, paint, paint, wood products, leather products and other surface gloss measurement.
Architectural decoration industry: marble, granite, vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, flooring and other surface gloss measurement.
3. Printing and packaging industry: plastic, paper and other surface gloss measurement.
4 other objects of the surface gloss measurements.
 A lightweight, portable, knob adjustment.
2 without zero.
3. Single battery-powered, 5, can be used for a long time.
4 long-life light source, good stability, which means that the measurements.
Technical parameters
 The instrument indicators in line with the National Metrological Verification JJG 696 a gloss meter standard.
Display range :0.0-199 .9 (Gs)
2 Indication error: <1.2 (Gs)
Stability: 0.4 (Gs) / 30 minutes
Measurement window size: (oval) 14 (short axis) × 28 (long axis (mm)
5 Instrument Size: 114 × 35 × 65 (mm)
Operating voltage: 1.5 (V)
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