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Corporate culture
Company mission: to provide customers with excellent products and professional after-sales service.
Principles: the quality of survival, to the credibility of development.
Soul: the work is a happy, hard-working to succeed.
Cornerstone: "bent on" all enterprise development.
Company work style: "" that orders must rows, prohibitions basis.
Company slogan: "three stresses" that stresses loyalty and efficiency, efficiency.
Business strategy: "Five" that is people-oriented, Qiuwen, other than seeking strong network and smoothly Yidefuren.
Company guidelines: Focus on orders heavy at all; handling complaints eager all; ensure quality of service before all else.
The concept of corporate culture: learning first action for the source, the creation for the soul.
The company management philosophy: "Four Modernizations" institutionalization of management, job specialization, systematization of operation, the security responsibility of.
The company's business strategy: to cultivate brand-led, market survival.
Company service philosophy: customer satisfaction is our pursuit, try to do things just to do things right, and dedication to do things in order to get things done.
Company employing philosophy: merit, expertise and resources, talented people who, mediocre.
Development of the company philosophy: a sunset industry, only sunset skills. New ideas for development, service to have cited new record.
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