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Ultraviolet radiation meter applications
Date:2013/9/14 10:56:50

Brief introduction
UV radiation meter, English name : UV meter
In the fluorescent penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing instruments measured black light intensity .
Mainly used: UV light intensity detection for mechanical engineering ; testing machine ; nondestructive testing - Penetrant testing machine .
Ultraviolet radiation is a wide spectral power meter measuring instrument for measuring the ultraviolet radiation power density , the radiation power per square centimeter .
Unit: Common nw/cm2 or microwatts / square centimeter (μW/cm2), the detector is located in front of the instrument face, with cable connection , convenient , reliable measurement .

1 construction film, solar film , insulated glass barrier properties against UV test ;
2 UV source ( sun , UV lamps, etc. ) of the radiation intensity measurement ;
3 UV disinfection , UV curing ;
4 meteorological and agricultural production ;

Method of operation
1 UV source ( sun , UV lamps, etc. ) of the radiation intensity measurement measuring UV intensity UV source , the detector orientation is on the UV source, press "POWER" button to turn on the instrument , you can choose the appropriate test range . Right Test sunlight intensity ultraviolet radiation reaching the ground , measured value 712 uW/cm2.
(2) solar film , insulating glass barrier properties to UV solar film or insulating glass test ultraviolet barrier property test, measurement shall be two steps :
The first step: measuring ultraviolet radiation sources : sources optional UV sunlight or ultraviolet lights. First measure ultraviolet radiation UV source power density UV1 W.
Step Two: After measuring the solar film blocking the radiation intensity UV source , the UV source to maintain a constant distance between the instrument , the instrument is inserted between the source and the UV test solar film or insulating glass , be close to the measured object apparatus for the measurement end to the influence of light from the outside .
Write down a solar film UV radiation when the power density UV2 W.
The UV blocking rate = UV2 UV1 100%-W / W,
From the first step was UV1 W = 372 μW/cm2,
The second step was UV2 W = 12 μW/cm2,
UV blocking rate = UV2 UV1 100%-W / W = 100% -12/372 = 96.77%

1, the test solar film or insulating glass barrier properties against UV , the two-step measurement should remain the same distance from the light .
2 , for different intensity UV light source, select the appropriate probe , the existing UVA, UVC two kinds .
3 , when not in use , press the "POWER" button to shutdown, it can wait two minutes the instrument automatically shutdown.
4 , the instrument need to replace the battery when not in use can be stored fully charged .
5 , avoid contact with corrosive materials , away from high temperature and humidity test environment.
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